Monday, 15 September 2014

The Cry For Freedom: The Story of a Porn Addict

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I was privileged to be part of a Christian radio show (Before I Do), we had a guest: Elisha Kolade. Elisha was a previous porn addict and he was addicted for over 10 years. Elisha was introduced to porn by his friends, and also, he did not feel love whilst growing up. *How are your friends influencing you?* * How are you showing that you care about your children?*

Elisha was extremely engrossed in his porn addiction. Elisha eventually moved on to sleeping with prostitutes. He advanced and progressed in his addiction by paying to sleep with prostitutes.
(What are the things that you are addicted to? And what are those things that you are struggling to let go, and you are becoming controlled negatively?). Do you know that addiction is an evil spirit? It is a way that the Devil uses to control people.

While Elisha was going through his struggles, he did not speak out for help. Although he was a regular church goer but his life did not depict a life that was committed to Christ, however, people were not aware of his struggles.

Consequences of his actions

Elisha lost his minds, all he could think about was images of women, he masturbated, he was ashamed, he was unable to reason, and everything about his life was on hold. His finances were affected, he felt ashamed and guilty, yet Elisha could not let go.

So, how was Elisha delivered from Porn?

He believed God helped him. The Grace and Mercy of God delivered him.
He had the desire to change and to let go. Although he fell during the change but God helped and lifted him up.
Elisha had to change his environment. He moved away from his old environment.
He burnt his dvds.
He spoke out for help. It took Elisha a lot of courage to seek help. The help became very beneficial.
He also asked God to help him. Elisha is confident that God truly helped and delivered him.

Elisha has written a book about his experience and how God delivered him. Elisha's book is available on Amazon. If you would like to contact Elisha, kindly contact and his detail will be forwarded to you.

- Myss Lafunky

Monday, 8 September 2014

Sexual Sins in My Relationship: Turning It Around

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I was asked if I was a Youth Pastor. I'm not actually a Youth Pastor, I have passion to help singles, teenagers, youth and all Christians in respect to the 3 R's ( Relationship with God, Relationship with your spouse, your spouse to be, and Relationship with People). It's my passion and ministry. I don't need a special title to make a difference.

I was also asked if I am paid to run my blog. The answer is No. This is a Non-Profit organisation. Myss Lafunky is a Non-Profit teaching blogspot for Christian users of the Internet. The materials on the blog can be used by anyone, I am particularly pleased when the blog has been referenced and when people make use of the materials. Nonetheless, if you don't reference the blog after you have used a material, it's not a problem at all, as long the message is being spread to everyone.
Another Christian ministry has recently blessed Myss Lafunky. I am extremely grateful, I feel honoured and humbled. All the Glory and honour belong to God. goes the post for this week. Remember to share the post with your friends and your Internet friends.

The following is the story of Lola and Ade..

Ade met Lola many years ago when she was just finishing her A levels. Ade was a worldly, fun-loving, handsome young man, and she was also a fun, young lady but from an upper middle class background, she seldom attended any party.

Lola and Ade were both church goers, they identified themselves as Christians in title, but without the right knowledge about relationships, neither did they knew God's position on relationships (dating and courtship).

In the course of their relationship, their relationship became quite romantic, passions and lust got the better of their relationships. They engaged in the THKS (Touching, Hugging inappropriately, Kissing and Sex). Due to their worldly mindset, they thought it was not possible to go out with someone without engaging in THKS and they also felt that, as long they were not engaging in THKS with other people, they were fine.

As they grew in age and after about 2 years into their relationship, Lola and Ade became serious with their Christian lives. They started reading their Bible more, they started reading blogs about courtship, they started attending Christian seminars, Christian programmes; they learnt a lot about Christian relationships. Lola and Ade pondered on whether they should continue their relationship given that they had done the worst thing you could ever imagined, they had defiled themselves. Lola and Ade decided to separate for a year and they started all over again. During their one year gap, they became platonic friends. They had to get rid of sexual emotions.

Initially, Lola and Ade struggled to relate with each other as mere friends, having engaged in THKS before.  However, God renewed their minds. God reminded that, He had forgiven their sins and He would not remember their sins no more. God told them that He was ready to give them a second chance as He had a purpose that He wanted to fulfil in their lives.
As Lola and Ade's friendship developed, they had to deal with all the hidden issues of their relationships, they had to learn about purity in courtship, purity in marriage, purpose of courtship, purpose of a relationship, how to stay pure in courtship, how to be a friend with your spouse to be, they also took time to pray extensively, they had a mentor that they opened up to who supported them during this process. The learning, strict boundaries, open communication with each other, and the safety mechanism (having a mentor, supervision from their mentor) prevented them from falling into sin as they sought God's Will for their relationship.

The new relationship was built on God's principles. Lola and Ade humbled themselves to learn about Christian courtship, they adopted a teachable spirit, and they took time to hear from God during every stage of their relationship.

While Lola and Ade's courtship started wrongly in the first two years, after they separated for a year, they were able to rebuild their relationship. They started a new courtship based on Godly principles for 18 months, and after 18 months, they tied the knot. 

Lola and Ade wished they had the right knowledge from the inception of their courtship, they were not taught in church about purity neither were they taught by their parents.
Lola and Ade no longer have any regrets as they have continued to stand on God's Word which says, 'There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.'

To Myss Lafunky's readers and followers
Have you missed it along the way? Have you defiled yourself in a lustful way? This is the time to get it right, God is ready to help you. Are you ready to take the bold step to live a pure life in your next relationship or in your present relationship?

It is to be noted that, while God told Lola and Ade to get back together, God's instructions for you may be different. God may tell you to break the wrong foundation that you have laid by breaking your relationship entirely. You need to ask God about your own relationship or seek counsel from a Christian mentor or counsellor, or someone knowledgeable about Christian courtships.

If you have any questions, leave your comments below or contact Myss Lafunky on

- Myss Lafunky

Friday, 5 September 2014

Are You Thinking Of Marrying Him? Consider the Following Points BeforeYou Agree to Marry Him

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I used the below points to counsel someone, I felt I should share it with you.

Consider the following points before you agree to marry your intended spouse:

This post can be utilised by my male readers and followers as well.  You can also use it as part of counselling/mentoring.

Do you know his background? In terms of his family background, family's value, educational background?

What's your view about his character, attitude and personality? Are both of your characters and personality okay? Or do you clash extremely? 

Have you discussed the past at all? Anything about his past that you need to know or about your past that he needs to know?

Your emotional moods? What makes him angry? Can you cope with each other's moods?

What would he like in his ideal wife? What would you like in your ideal husband?

Career wise, is it okay for you to work? What's his view about being a woman and working? Or what is his view about a lady not working? How would he cope with that? What's your own view as well?

Religion, have you discussed your beliefs and practises, customs or traditions? Do you share similar views, the ones that you disagree, are you prepared to compromise?

Family, have you discussed about your relatives, in-laws and the children that you want to have? Do both of you agree whether to have children or not? If you do not give birth to a particular gender, what's his view about it?

Are we both Christians? Is my intending spouse committed to God?

Have you discussed what would make you offend the in-laws, etc? 

What do the in-laws think about you? What do you think about the family that you are going into?

Have you discussed about gender roles?

Health? Any health issues? Genotypes? HIV? Mental health? Severe allergies?

Finance? Do we know how much you both earn? Is he okay if I solely depend on him if I am ever in the position to depend on him? 

Is he stingy? Is he a giver? Am I a giver? Am I stingy? Does he have a huge responsibility for his siblings? Does he seek money in an ungodly way? Is he hardworking? Is he financially ready for marriage? Is he emotionally ready for marriage? Is he fully depended on his parents both emotionally and financially?

Finally, ask yourself, why do I want to marry him? Why do I want to go into marriage with this particular person not anybody else?

Are my reasons genuine? Am I really sure? Am I happy with everything that I have known about him so far? Am I ready to marry him and learn everything else in marriage?

Am I ready for marriage now? 

Why am I ready for marriage now? 

If you are a Christian, have you involved God?

Have you prayed? What's God telling you?

Do you have the approval of the pertinent people in your life?

- Myss Lafunky

Monday, 1 September 2014

When Marriage Becomes a Costly Mistake

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Here goes the post for this week..

Josephine, a Born Again Christian and a gospel singer, met Luke at a gospel concert. Luke deceived Josephine into believing that he, too, was a Born Again Christian and a lover of gospel music and almost immediately, a relationship sparked off. 
Within months, they were already talking of marriage. Josephine went to about 3 pastors for counselling. All of them gave their consent, erroneously assuming that it was God's will. The information that Josephine shared to the Pastor enabled all the pastors to give their full permission.  
Within six months of their meeting, they got married. 

The marriage was very problematic, Josephine and Luke did not seek help neither did they speak about their problems to the members of their church. Josephine felt that, given that their pastors usually made reference to them during preaching or seminars as the ideal young couple, they felt the need not to seek counsel. Nonetheless, several problems took its toll on their marriage.
Josephine came back home one day to find that her husband had disappeared with most of his belongings. She became a nervous wreck.  
She reported his disappearance to the Police and requested that their church and Christian friends pray for Luke's return and safety. Luke had left no messages with friends and he hadn't called.
His family claimed they had not heard from him.  The Police found his car parked behind his office, locked and empty, and suspected that he had run away.
The search continued..
Josephine couldn't come to terms with it, she couldn't cope as she had their children to look after.

After a few months that Luke had gone missing, things began to unfold. Luke's family disclosed what had happened.

Luke's family begged Josephine and her family to keep the information secret as they did not want their family to experience any shame from people. 

So..what exactly happened?

Luke's family disclosed that, Luke was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when he was at university, he was taking medications but he was unable to manage despite the medications. 
Luke's parents reported that, their son is living with a special prophet who is praying for him 24/7, every day, the prophet had also said that, Luke would have to remain single. 
Luke's parents shared that, the marriage only took place as the prophet initially told them that if Luke married Josephine, he would be cured from Schizophrenia. Given that, Luke was not cured, he fled back home for special treatment.
After a few years of living as a single mother, Josephine and Luke divorced. 

Lessons to be learnt
Never make assumptions about a person's character.
Do not substitute prayers for courtship because you need to know the person you intend to marry; yet prayer should not be underestimated.
Find out about each other's background from friends, relatives, siblings, childhood friends, amongst others.
Ask God what He is saying before you go into the marriage. God's view, God's consent or disapproval is more important.
Do not rush into marriage. And to those that are married, please, all your discussions with single brethren should not centre on 'when are you getting married'. Be creative!
Make sure you take time to study your husband to be or your wife to be carefully, because a marriage with a faulty foundation can disintegrate, even after 20 years.
Finally, remember that a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. God does not hate broken courtship. He wants you to get it right before you say I do.
Are you in a relationship and you are not happy about the relationship? However, you feel that, you want to be among the people that will share a testimony that, you married your first ever boyfriend? (Of what benefits would it be?).
Or do you feel that the whole world has known your fiancé/fiancee. Therefore, it is too late to break the relationship? Think of your decision and choices carefully, marriage is not a walk in the park. 
The person you marry is going to affect the way the rest of your life turns out. Therefore, be sure to marry somebody that God leads you to. Always seek clarity from God at all times.

- Myss Lafunky

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I'm Single and I'm Bored. What can I do?

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I was given the opportunity to write on a Christian Women's group for singles about being single and bored. I humbly accepted the opportunity.

Below is the post that I shared within the women's group:

                      I'm Single and I'm Bored. What Can I Do?

Firstly, you need to examine why you are bored. What makes you bored? How do you ensure that you do not get bored? What are the things that you have done in the past that minimised your boredom? 
Are those things good? Or bad?

A mini introduction about me...I am not yet married, I am proud to be under the single status at the moment. 
I enjoy the freedom to learn so many things, freedom to develop myself, I also love the fact that, I have control of how I spend my money, I can treat myself any-time and I don’t have a lot of responsibilities. At the same time, I am mindful that I must be prudent with my spending.
Everything must be done in moderation including spending of money.
Do I also get bored? Off course I do, being a Born Again Christian does not exempt me from being bored. I get bored when I am not communicating with people. However, I have addressed my boredom. Actually, it is ongoing..
I have realised that, while I enjoy talking and hanging out with friends, amongst other things that I do. I must also create time for quiet time.
My quiet time involves: reading a chapter of a Christian book on a daily basis, writing on my blog, reading a chapter within the books of the Bible, listening to music and reflecting about life in general, praying, treating my hair and face by myself, etc.
When we are bored, we need to engage in meaningful things that will add values to our lives or the lives of others. As Christians, godly principles must be applied to whatever we want to engage in.
The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:23 that “You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is good for you. You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is beneficial”. This scripture is telling us that, whatever we do must please God.

                10 things to do when you are bored (Caveat!: This list is not exhaustive and it is not written in the order of its priority).
1) Build your networks...attend Christian fellowships. Observe Christian married couples, find a mentor who you can learn from, build friendships with other Christians.

2) Learn how to cook different dishes; this is the time to experiment. Make use of cooking groups on social media, and youtube, learn from your parents, your friends, siblings and aunties.

3) If you are someone that needs to perfect your make-up skills or the way you dress or how to combine colours in your dressing, make use of your friends from church/school/work, etc , learn from them. If you are someone that wants to learn how to bake, how to sew, how to swim, this is the time to learn it.
The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that, “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. This suggests that, there is a time for you to undertake those tasks that you have been contemplating on.

4) Create time to study biblical characters in the bible and also create time to study the New Testament. There are different bible plans that will aid you.

5) Also, create time to read Christian books on serving the Lord, Christian courtship, being a woman of God, being a praying wife, sexual purity, read blogs about building relationships with God, building relationships with people, amongst others.

6) Minimise the hours that you spend on watching TV and the hours that you spend on the internet, ensure that everything that you do, you are conscious of communicating more with God, and you are conscious that you are adding positive values to your life and the life of others.

7) Learn to pray and fast. Develop your prayer life and fasting. Create a day within a week to fast, and list prayer points from what you have read or from any prayer aid that you have.
I cannot over-emphasise the importance of prayer, you can never get bored of talking to God and can never get bored of things to pray about. Maximise your single period to talk to God.
There are so many things to talk to God about.i.e. a) How you would like your children to be, b) how you would like God to help you to be a better person, name your weaknesses and tell God to help you, c) You can pray to God about..the purpose of your life, d) you can pray to God about the lost souls within your nuclear and extended family, and the lost souls in the world, etc. e) you can pray to God about your career and where you see yourself, f) you can pray to God about your future in-laws and how you want to be treated.

8) As a single person, I will encourage you to also create time to tell people about Jesus Christ. Let it be part of your life. Ensure your life preach Christ.

9) If it is possible, learn to drive, further your education or create time for the very thing that you want to learn. Don’t give excuses that, you can’t undertake the task until you are married, unless God instructs you.

10) Be proud of being single, don’t wallow yourself in shame and think that only married people have fun. Being bored can affect anyone regardless of their marital status. However, you can take charge of your mood and the things that you do, but remember that, you must not conform to the pattern of this world in whatever you do; everything that you do must make God happy.

Finally, rushing to a relationship to cure your boredom will result in more the purpose of the relationship is very likely to be abused. Nonetheless, God does not want you to be lonely, at the right time, He will perfect all, it's just a matter of time.

There are posts on my blog that can be linked to this topic

Below are the links to the posts:

- Myss Lafunky

Monday, 18 August 2014

Purity in Thoughts

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This week, I will be focussing on Purity. Purity in thoughts. Have you ever wondered how you can stay pure in your thoughts? Do you know what the consequences of an impure heart and impure mind are?
The Bible says 'For as he (she) thinks in his (her) heart, so is he (she) . . . (Pro 23:7)
Purity in thoughts is being free from sin in ones thoughts. Jesus pointed out how important this is when He said anyone who was angry at his Brother or Sister was a Murderer! (Matt 5:23) What?! Seriously?! He's gotta be kidding right?
Then, He goes on to say that if you lust after a woman or man in your HEART then you're already guilty of fornication or adultery (Yep! All those sneak peaks at Cosmopolitan ladies and GQ men) (Matt 5:28). So, definitely, this purity in thought has got to be pretty important. Right?
Purity - being free of sin and being uncontaminated. 
Purity is first for the benefit of the one who remains pure, then, others around you. To achieve purity in thoughts, we need to be truly committed to God.

Why is it important to be pure in thoughts?
This question can be re-phrased as: why is it important to live a life free of sin because so far, we can infer that purity in thought leads to a life free of sin.
  1.  It is at the heart of God for us to be pure. God said, be ye holy as He is holy (in every aspect of our lives).
  2. It subconsciously puts you on the track to live a life of purity.  Feeding your mind with good things and not reading or listening to things that are negative or things that do not promote God's values help you to walk in the path of purity without much thinking,
  3. God's reward for purity are the blessings stated in His Word such as; freedom from guilt, good success, peace etc.  When you are not pure, you are actually cheating yourself of these blessings from God.
    It gives you a healthy heart. Your heart will be free from the weights of malice, sorrow,   unforgiveness, selfish ambitions, conceited. . .

How can I be pure? 
  1. It's a choice. It's a choice that we have to make. It is what we have to stand for. The Grace is available for you. Titus 2:11-13.
  2. Wash your mind and feed it with the Word of God continuously. (Practical steps - Start from the New Testament, read a chapter every day, pray before reading it, take prayer points from the chapter that you read, and tell God about how you need His help in applying it into your life).
  3. Take your thought captive and think about things that are good, honourable, true . . . (Phil 4:8)
    Automatically delete the impure button in your heart when your thought starts becoming impure. 
  4. Don't focus on the reason as to why you cannot be pure. Focus on why you can stay pure.
  5. Focus on the rewards of staying pure. 
  6. Apply self-control! 1Tim 1:7 states that God has given us the spirit of self control, MAKE USE OF IT! 
  7. Distract yourself with a pleasant thought when your thoughts start wondering in the wrong direction and most importantly, always ask God for help. 
    If He has asked us to be pure in our thought, He definitely would provide help when we're in need of it. Humble yourself, admit your weakness, ask God for help.
Joel Osteen said: "Our minds work a lot like a computer. The way we program our thinking will determine how our lives are going to function. You can have the most expensive, powerful computer you can find, but if you load the wrong software, it’s not going to perform at its best."

Whatever you feed your mind with, will determine your tomorrow.
Anything that you feed your mind with, will drive your emotion.
Anything you feed your mind with is likely to control the action that you take in reality.

Remember that every temptation is an opportunity for you to choose to do the right thing.

- Myss Lafunky

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

As a Christian, Am I allowed to sleepover at my boyfriend/girlfriend's place?

Hello readers and followers,

How was your weekend? Hope you had a great time. 

Someone asked a question whether it was okay to sleepover at your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, fiancée's place so as to get to know each other more.

I belong to a group where the question has been exhausted with tons of answers; Twale and I will offer our views below. I wanted Twale to be included in this write-up as some ladies believe it is usually the guys that insist on sleepovers, it will be nice to know a single guy's perspective about sleepovers.

Myss Lafunky asked Twale: What do you think about sleepovers? Sleepovers between two people that are in a relationship? Can we sleep over in order to get closer to each other and because we live in different cities?

Twale's response: Emmm . . . Would you allow my cat watch over a tasty cat treat of Fish Flakes in Jelly? I doubt it! I am very much against sleep overs no matter how far apart both people live. Regardless of how born again or spiritual humans are, we are still human and are prone to be drawn by the lust of our human flesh. Sleep overs sounds pretty harmless (and yes it should be) so why a fuss about it? It's because it could potentially lead one to sin. 

A biblical example is Tamar and Amnon. In a sleep over situation, even boundaries set by those involved in the relationship could be easily crossed. Why? Because it's in the secret place and one could be overcome by temptation because this is a case of fleeing the temptation not resisting it. 

It is commonly said that sin thrives in secrecy, well, sin is born in secrecy!

There are many ways to know each other better without having to sleep over. Why put one's self in a situation that may lead to temptation when it can be avoided? That's Wisdom.

 Summary of our discussions

Also, the reason for sleeping over is not concrete enough- to know how the person lives so that you can study them closely is not an acceptable reason to engage in sleepovers. You can study your partner closely without sleeping over. You can pray to God to reveal the person to you. We believe that you will only know someone truly when you have been married to them and when you start living together. Even after marriage, it takes a while to know your spouse. 

May we kindly ask, how are you learning about each other if you are meant to be SLEEPING? *Hmm..if you truly examine it carefully, sleepovers are not needed.*
There are no reasons that will ever make sleepovers at your partner's place right. It is dangerous and the likelihood of compromising your purity is very high.

We don't know how someone can sleep over and resist youthful lusts, remember the Bible says resist all youthful lusts? 

Also, God is protecting us and He does not want us to defile our body, He also advised us to flee from every appearance of evil and from every youthful lusts. God knows that, no matter how strong we think we are in our Christian faith, it is a lot easier to fall into sin in an enclosed place where nobody is watching or seeing us.

If it works for Person A, it doesn't mean it will work for Person B. 

Myss Lafunky: I am personally not in support of sleepovers. I can recollect when one of my male friends wanted to visit me, and he wanted to stay over at my place, I advised him that, he must book a nearby hotel to stay or he should stay at a friend's place, he rejected the offer and he cancelled his visit to my place.
I never felt bad for my action, I stuck to my belief, I didn't care if my view was misconstrued as arrogance. 

Standing for purity means you speaking out/standing for the truth/for you to dare to be different for God at all cost, and focussing in pleasing God more than pleasing your friends or your special friend.

We believe the likelihood of practising the THKS is very high when you sleepover. Also, how would others perceive your action? Especially other young girls that look up to you. Remember what Paul said here, same applies to other areas of one's life.
What would others think of your action? The Bible says...we should ensure that our actions do not cause others to sin.

Even when you sleep in the same house, in different rooms, it can be dangerous when no other adults are present. I don't think any adults that slept over at their fiancé's place prior to marriage will encourage anyone to implement it, as we all know that the experience usually ends up not being pleasant.

To our dear readers and followers, please don't fall for excuses such as: "Don't you trust me, nothing will ever happen", "We are both Christians we won't do anything" or "I can't believe you don't trust me" or "How would I get to know you properly if we don't have sleepovers", "It is only this weekend that we will sleepovers".
"I promise you nothing will happen" , "You can sleep in the spare room while I sleep in the other room", "You can sleep on the bed while I sleep on the sofa or on the carpet."  

Don't be stubborn and insist that you want to sleepover, and please, don't start quoting that, it is not expressly stated in the Bible that you cannot sleepover.

Twale and I recognise that, even without sleepovers, it is possible to compromise your purity. We believe that, you are working towards maintaining purity and you will take every necessary steps to stay pure.
Practical steps to take in order to prevent you from sleeping over
  1. Ensure you have a day visit in an open place.
  2. Ensure that you discuss the benefits of not sleeping over and the consequences of sleeping over.
  3. Ensure that you plan only DAY TRIPS together, when you marry, there will be tons of opportunities for weekend trips.
  4. Never compare your relationship to another couple who do not see an issue with sleepovers.
  5. If you stay in an indoor place together, have an accountable partner, also, promise God that you will not compromise your purity even if your day visit includes being in an enclosed place together.
  6. Never ever entertain any late night visits from the opposite gender, never welcome any of your friends that are of the opposite gender to stay over, no matter how  well you trust them.
  7. Bear the cost of paying for a B & B accommodation or a hotel. The cost of a room in a hotel is cheaper and it is better to pay for a hotel than for you to compromise your purity, which you can never redeemed with a price.

Myss Lafunky and Twale
If you have any questions for us, feel free to send us an email on we shall be happy to help.